How do I donate to 20/20/20?

It’s easy and it’s quick. Click here and you can make an online donation in less than 45 seconds.

Call us at 212-390-1544 and we can answer any questions you have and you can make a donation over the phone in less than 60 seconds. (Our office is open Monday – Friday 9am-5pm EST.)

Send a donation via a check or money order payable to 20/20/20 to:

P.O. Box 96669
Washington, DC 20090-6055

How much should I donate?

The surgery that can restore the eyesight of a blind child costs $300 but we are grateful for a donation of any amount.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes it is!  We are a 501(c)(3) and all donations to us are tax deductible. 20/20/20 is a WonderWork charity program whose Federal Tax ID is 27-4159217.

If I donate online, is my credit card information secure? 

Totally secure. All of our online donations are processed using PayPal, the most secure online global payment processor. We accept all major credit cards and you do not need a personal PayPal account to donate online to 20/20/20.

How do I sign up to make monthly contributions?

Becoming a monthly donor is easy.  Just give us a call at 212-390-1544 and we will set you up in just a few minutes.

Can I take advantage of my company’s matching gift program? 

Matching gifts are a simple way to increase the impact of your gift.  Many employers will match any charitable contribution you make by doubling or sometimes tripling your gift.  Please contact your employer or speak to your HR department and they will help guarantee your gift has the greatest impact possible.

Can I make a tribute donation in honor of a friend or relative?

Dedicating your donation to a friend or loved one is a wonderful way to honor them while really making a difference in the world. If you’d like to make a tribute in honor or in memory of someone, please call us at 212-390-1544 and one of our staff members will help you.  Your gift will be acknowledged with a personalized letter notifying your friend or loved one of your thoughtful gesture.

Like all donations to 20/20/20, tribute donations are tax-deductible.

Can I restrict my donation to help the specific child or adult I saw in your advertisements or in the mail I received?

We wish we could but the logistics of that would cost so much money it would drastically reduce the number of surgeries we can provide.

Can I see a picture of a child my donation helped?

We will send you not only a nice thank you letter and receipt for the IRS, but a before-and-after photo of a child you helped us save. We hope you put it up on your fridge or someplace prominent as a happy reminder that halfway around the world, a once blind child or adult can now see thanks to you!

Is 20/20/20 a registered charity and is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. 20/20/20 is a WonderWork charity program. WonderWork, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3), registered nonprofit organization recognized by the IRS. All donations to 20/20/20 are tax deductible according to IRS regulations.

What is your Federal Tax Identification Number?

20/20/20 is a WonderWork charity program whose Federal Tax ID is 27-4159217.

How long does it take to receive my tax letter?

We email tax receipts for online donations immediately. We send tax receipts for mail and phone donations within several weeks of receipt of your donation.  If you need a replacement receipt, we will gladly reissue your tax receipt. Please call us at 212-390-1544 or email info@20x20x20.org.  If you email us or leave a phone message, make sure to give us a phone number or email address so we may get in touch with you if we have any questions.

How much does 20/20/20 spend on overhead?

Very little! 20/20/20 is a WonderWork charity program, which means we share office space, personnel, computers and rent with other like-minded charity programs to SAVE MONEY!  Our overhead is about 25% of what it would be if we didn’t share expenses.  In addition, we have only 9 employees working in a small sublet office!

What percentage of my donation will be used for programs?

20/20/20 strives to make every dollar count. Currently, 84 cents of every dollar we raise goes directly towards providing treatment for curable blindness.

Does 20/20/20 meet the standards of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and other charity rating groups?

At 20/20/20, we are committed to meeting all of the standards required by the BBB and other charity rating groups. But the BBB requires at least three years of audited financial reports or 990s, so we are not eligible for review at this point. As soon as we are, we anticipate we will meet all of their requirements.

Where is 20/20/20 located and why do I send my donations to Washington, D.C.?

Our small sublet office is in New York City but we have all of our donations processed at a specialty firm in Maryland, which is why they are all sent to Washington D.C. This saves us a lot of money. The address of our New York office is:

411 Fifth Avenue, Suite 702
New York, NY 10016

If you are ever in town, please drop by! We’d love to see you and thank you for your help.

If I know someone who is blind, can 20/20/20 help?

There is virtually no one in America that is “needlessly” blind because they cannot afford the surgery or treatment that could restore their eyesight. The 20 million blind children and adults who need the surgery we provide are all very poor and living in developing countries. If you know a blind child or adult in a developing country and think we might be able to help, by all means, please send us an email at info@20x20x20.org and we will do our best to connect them with one of our partner hospitals or clinics.

Why don’t you help children in the US or other developed countries?

In developed countries like the U.S. and Europe, there are no blind children and adults waiting for the miracle surgery we provide. Our patients have no access to health care and they often live on less than two dollars a day.  They could never in a million years afford the $300 surgery that they need to restore their eyesight – that is why we started 20/20/20.

When was 20/20/20 started?

We began helping children and adults with blindness in the beginning of 2013.

Does 20/20/20 have any political or religious affiliations? 

20/20/20 is not affiliated with and does not endorse any religious or political viewpoints. We do not discriminate against anyone who needs our help.

How is 20/20/20 funded? 

99.999% of all our donations come from generous individuals like you. We receive no funding from the government or large corporations or foundations.