Our Finances


Our Finances


Low cost surgeries.

The miracle eyesight-restoring surgery we provide can cost as much as $5,000-$10,000 in the U.S. Our cost? Just $300 per surgery to restore the eyesight of a child who is blind. This extremely low cost means even a small donation can have a major impact. For less than the cost of a Microsoft Xbox, you can save a child from a lifetime of blindness.



Immediate, measurable results that last a lifetime.

Unlike many charities that are searching for a cure or that can’t measure the impact of their programs, our surgeries produce immediate, dramatic, measurable results that usually last a lifetime. The miracle surgery we provide takes as little as 15 minutes. That’s all it takes to give a blind child or adult the chance to see again. Many people say that eyesight-restoring surgery is the greatest surgery ever invented because of the impact it has on someone’s life. The impact is even greater in a developing country where blindness can cause catastrophic consequences. According to the WHO, 60% of children die within 1-2 years of going blind.


finances_img4Leveraging local doctors and hospitals saves millions.

Instead of flying American volunteer surgeons overseas, we empower local surgeons and local hospitals so they can help the children in their own communities, 24/7, 365 days a year. This unique “teach a man to fish” strategy enables us to help ten times as many children – for one-tenth the cost. By empowering local doctors and local hospitals, we are helping very poor, but very proud communities become self-sufficient over time.

We’re proud to be a WonderWork charity.


High Impact. Every donor wants to know that their donation actually makes a difference. What could be more powerful than restoring the eyesight of a child who is completely blind? Imagine the value of saving a blind child from a lifetime of suffering, pain and heartache? We know of no other greater impact any charity can offer than restoring the eyesight of a child or adult who is blind for just $300.

Focused. We’re focused on a single problem: helping the blind see. Unlike most charities that try to solve many different problems, we’re focused exclusively on just one. This helps us be more productive and cost-efficient. And it makes it easy for us to measure our progress and effectiveness. Our name says it all — our mission is to help restore 20/20 vision for 20 million blind children and adults.

Low Cost. In every program, every project, every aspect of our organization, and everything we do, we achieve the lowest costs humanly possible. We have less than a dozen full-time employees. Our rent is half the market rate thanks to a cheap sublet that came with free furniture. Our overhead and admin costs are less than 1.5%. All of our technology, including our exchange servers, email, file servers, phones and data are in “the cloud” which has saved us millions of dollars. Our obsession with low costs means more of your donation goes towards what you want it do – more surgeries for blind children and adults.

Results Driven. We measure and monitor everything we do. Every program, every fundraising campaign, every direct mail appeal we send, every dollar that we spend. We have PhD’s who help us analyze our data, our results and our programs. This approach minimizes mistakes and maximizes the impact of every donation we receive. We treat our donors like shareholders and their donations as investments. We hold ourselves and our partners accountable for results. Our goal is to give our donors the best return on investment of any charity in the world.

Innovative. We use new strategies, new technology and new ideas to maximize the number of children and adults we help while minimizing our costs. The manual small-incision surgery we provide costs 99% less than the surgery most organizations use, yet it provides the same quality and results. Our innovative use of technology saves millions of dollars. And our management team pioneered the “teach a man to fish” strategy of empowering local surgeons through free education, equipment and financial support.

Well-Managed. We manage our non-profit like a business. We have an extremely flat organizational structure with a small staff and no bureaucracy or red tape. We hire the best people we can find – not the cheapest. We hold ourselves accountable for achieving the ambitious goals we set. Data drives the majority of our decisions. We have a very experienced, senior management team that has decades of experience and a successful track record that includes more than 1 million free surgeries delivered in the world’s poorest countries. Dollar for deed, we are one of the most productive charities in the world.

For more information on WonderWork, visit www.WonderWork.org.

100% of all donations goes towards our free surgery programs.