The inspiring story of two sisters both born blind.

patient3_img2-1patient3_img1BEFORE: 12-year-old Sonia had been waiting her entire life to have her eyesight restored. When asked what is the one thing she would like to see the most when she opens her eyes she said, “The world.” Her parents barely support the family planting and harvesting rice by hand. They couldn’t afford the surgery that Sonia needed.

AFTER: After surgery, when her bandages came off and she opened her eyes, Sonia gasped! This photo was taken just a few minutes later after she had walked out of the hospital ward onto a balcony to “see the world” just as she said. As you can see, she is completely speechless, looking right in the camera. Today she goes to school, she has friends and she’s looking forward to a second chance at life that she never thought she’d get.

BEFORE: 6-year-old Anita was born blind in a small village in one of the poorest areas in India. Her parents, who make 17 cents an hour as day laborers, could never afford the surgery that restored Anita’s eyesight.

AFTER: After surgery, the first thing Anita saw with her new eyes was her mom sitting right in front of her, crying tears of joy. “I can see mommy…,” Anita said over and over while hugging her mom, “I can see mommy…”

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