How We Work

How We Work
work_img1Unlike other surgical charities that send doctors and nurses on 2-week medical missions, we empower local doctors and nurses through free training, equipment and financial aid.

Our team has more than 30 years of experience in providing free surgeries for the poor in developing countries. We pioneered this “teach a man to fish” strategy of empowering local doctors and it is by far the safest, most cost-effective and productive way to deliver safe, high quality surgeries in developing countries. With the right support, local medical teams can provide ten times as many surgeries as a mission group can – for one-tenth the cost. We’re helping very poor, but very proud communities become self-sufficient over time.

work_img3-1Today, we have 32 partners and programs in 40 of the world’s poorest countries. We carefully vet, manage and audit our partners to ensure that the care that they provide is of the highest quality and that their safety protocols are top notch. This year, we will help provide tens of thousands of surgeries and every one will be provided through the hearts and hands of local doctors, nurses and other medical professionals.

We help provide free surgery for children who can’t afford it.
We help provide free medical training and education.
We help provide free equipment for hospitals and clinics.